The Surname Kreckler - a theory of origin

Hello members of our family-name !

we have been searching for the meaning of our name and where it comes from in the history of past centuries. Today we can say that there are only a few families in the world called KRECKLER and the most of them have their roots in the area between Paderborn, Hannover and Höxter. These cities are very close together and it shows that the theory of one origin is very probable.

Our direct line of ancestors disappears around 1733 in Lüchtringen. That's a village near the Abbey of Corvey next to the city of Höxter. It`s located in the so-called " Weserbergland " at the river " Weser " --- Göttingen and Kassel are to the south, Hannover to the north.

It is not unusual for names to change their spelling, since most people were unable to write. Names were often spelled phonetically. The people with that name couldn`t check the spelling , because of their own illiteracy. The often way names changed was, that people themselves changed the spelling to make it more easier to spell (e.g. my ancestor Franz Anton Krekeler, later Franz Anton Kreckler ; or Friederich Krekler, later Friederich Kreckler, great-grand father of Paul G Kreckler).
Thus we can be certain that the names Kreckler, Krekler and Krekeler have the same roots.

The oldest churchbooks in Lüchtringen, which is still called the mason-village (why it is so, can`t be explained,not even by the people there ?! ), are dated in 1642, which is very close to the end of the Thirty Years`War in Europe. Historical exercises are often stopped during times of war, because of the destruction of everything. including records and literature- ----- But maybe the Internet will be a good way to connect other trees to the origin.

Our idea is, that in 1150 some people, with profession stone-mason, came from " Krekel " to Corvey. Krekel is a village located next to the Abbey of Steinfeld (ca 3km, the mountains are called " Eifel " ). This Abbey was build in 1147 and the material for the building was brought from quarries in the nearest region. Krekel is nearby to one of these quarries and people who worked as stone-masons there, could have been called 'Krekelers'. ( Doesn`t sound the name belonging to people cracking stones ?? )
The Abbey of Steinfeld is located at the cross roads between Cologne / Trier and Aachen / Koblenz. These cities all have churches , which were built in that time and the stones were carried from Steinfeld, too.

We suppose that the stone-masons called Krekelers lost their jobs at Steinfeld, which was finished in 1150 (begun in 1142). Just in that time a train of people started from Cologne, passing Hoexter and Corvey, to Magdeburg ( Zug der Moselfranken) and the Krekelers found jobs building the Abbey of Corvey, which started in 1150.
One more hint for this theory is, that the abbot of Steinfeld was ordered by the german king to build the church in Corvey ( see literature about Wibald von Stablo later Corvey ) . It seems to be clear, that he took his best workers with him, to realize the job.

This is just an idea of the meaning of the name ' KRECKLER ' for which we have no proof. We are looking for answers to all open questions, and we hope that someone reading these words can help.

Best whishes